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Vimi Fasteners is a trusted partner able to guarantee technical support and timely optimal solutions for various industrial segments and special applications.


Vimi Fasteners has always striven to develop innovative products and production processes through specific research and development projects in collaboration with prestigious research centers to predict forthcoming customer requests.


Thanks to the company’s flexibility Vimi Fasteners can handle large volumes as well as a variety of small production runs without compromising quality and maintaining timely deliveries.

Team and talent development

Vimi Fasteners is committed to employee development through training and mentoring programs aiming to continuous learning activities. Such activities are developed to help our associates grow their skills and to improve everyone’s working knowledge.


The respect for our customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders, along with respect for the environment and workers’ rights, are a vital part of our values and the integrity of the company. These are the backbone of our working model.

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