Vimi Fasteners boosts its high profile in the automotive sector with a new Maserati project

On September 9th Maserati presented the new super sporty MC20 in Modena, the car is equipped with “Nettuno” the company’s newest propulsor that puts the house of the Trident back on the map.
“We are proud to be part of this new adventure as a supplier of critical fastening systems for this new engine. A 6 V 90°cylinder with 3l cc, double turbocharged capable of unleashing 630 HP of power designed with the same technologies used in Formula 1 engines.” declares Marco Sargenti CEO of Vimi Fasteners
This project confirms the high technological level achieved by Vimi within the most critical applications such as the sophisticated and powerful powertrains of hyper cars, supercars and most specifically luxury cars”.
The same type engines will be used in Maserati’s new streetcar models for the next 8-10 years and the company is projecting high volumes that will guarantee Vimi increased sales in a high added value segment.
Vimi reaffirms itself as a strong reference point for high-end automobile manufacturers that continue to rely on Vimi during the design and development of their new lines of engines and vehicles as demonstrated by the long-lasting relationships with the most prestigious German and English brands as well as the brands of the Motor Valley of Emilia Romagna.
“Working with high end car producers requires a high technical competence and a robust capability to develop new high performing products as well as the ability and the commitment to work closely with the manufacturers” continues Sargenti. “We offer solutions for traditional engines and electric engines and specifically to electric engines the everchanging technologies involve continuous R&D activities”.
Vimi Fasteners’ increased presence within the high-end car markets means a more favorable product mix and higher profitability, explains the group CEO.
“Naturally, the margins on high technology products are larger and there is less competition in comparison to the competition generally present in the automotive market”.
All these activities highlight the growth strategy of the group that aims to reinforce its position in the high-end automotive market normally less impacted by the cyclical ups and downs typical of the automotive industry.
“As for the rest of the industrial markets we currently supply we are seeing a gradual increase in customer requirements and we hope it continues in the next months as an enduring sign of recovery after the shock caused by the Covid-19 pandemic” concludes Sargenti

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