Three new projects in three different Sectors

“During the last few months we have started to work on three important projects in the Automotive, Industrial and Aerospace markets, following our growth strategy which aims to diversify and to reduce the risk of having a single market supply” states Vimi Fasteners’ CEO Marco Sargenti.
“The first project is related to the Porsche Taycan supercar, Flagship version from 761 HP, full electric, the first car in the world using the technology of high-tension electrical components to allow a faster battery charging time”. In 2019 we have passed the validation process and all the testing – explains Sargenti – meanwhile starting January 2020 we have started our supply for mass production which will reach an estimated volume of 350,000 per year”.
This is a very significant goal for Vimi and the beginning of its supply for high end electric cars to become an important player in the powertrain technology change being implemented in the auto industry. As mentioned before Vimi does not supply only the automotive sector but it offers solutions for different industrial segments through the production of high performing components and innovative technologies developed from a constant commitment to research and development.
The second project is linked to the industrial sector, it relates particularly to screws used in high temperature applications that we supply to a company of global scale leader in the production of turbochargers, naval applications, power plants and generators.
“After an initial study started in 2018 on our market competitiveness and our production capabilities, followed by months of trying to define the commercial and technical details last May we finally started the production of these sophisticated fastener systems.”
“A very important step forward for Vimi Fasteners in terms of the magnitude of the customer and the profits that will come once production reaches full capacity.” Continues the CEO
Lastly, this project involves the Aerospace and Defense, a sector in which Vimi has targeted part of its resources in the last years to increase the market share in this everchanging market.
“We have started to supply components to the largest Italian Industrial Aerospace company for its latest generation aircrafts M-35 employed to train pilots and the Frecce Tricolori”
In addition, Vimi provides components for civil and military helicopters and prototypes for the convertiplane: an aircraft that combines the flexibility of a helicopter and the efficiency of an airplane”
These types of supply reward Vimi after significant investments made in research and development and new production technologies that allows the company to retain its leadership in sectors with higher profit margins and growth opportunities.
“These projects reinforce the direction of our growth strategy and praise Vimi for all the efforts sustained in the implementation” concludes the CEO

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