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Manufacturing process

Vimi Fasteners has been investing for years countless resources in research, quality and in the most advanced production technologies.

In order to guarantee full production control and lead time reduction, the company has vertically integrated the following processes:

  • cold, warm and hot forming
  • thread rolling
  • machining: turning, drilling, milling, broaching, grinding
  • heat treatment: hardening and tempering,  annealing,  solubilization, ageing and induction hardening
  • fillet rolling
  • 100% final inspection

To review development time for the new products Vimi Fasteners relies on its in-house tool manufacturing shop.

In addition Vimi Fasteners, with its state of the art lab, can manage chemical and metallurgical tests such as:

  • tensile strength
  • microhardness
  • friction coefficient
  • impact test
  • fatigue
  • cleanliness
  • corrosion
  • chemical analysis with spectrometer
  • optical micrograph
  • profile measurements by profilometer and optical projector
  • roughness

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